What are panic episodes? And how I eradicated them for good

I was unaware of the power of hypnotism in eradicating panic episodes until my own personal experience as related below:

A few years ago, I suffered from panic episodes but did not know what they were. I frequently got jolted up from my bed with a sense of extreme urgency, intense anxiety, thinking that I was about to die, but yet, I was physically fine.

Every time I experienced such an episode, my first impulse was, strangely, to call 911. I wanted to wake up everyone in the neighborhood or simply to cry “HELP!” My heart was palpitating. I felt nauseated. I was out of breath. I went around opening all the windows in my house on a cold winter night, feeling as if I was about to run out of air.

I had heard about panic episodes before but had no idea that this was how it felt like. I was in a not-so-good place in my life then, struggling with my relationship and my sense of direction in my career. Although I felt exasperated by the apparent hopelessness of my situation, I knew deep inside of me that this condition happened to me for a good reason. I decided that the Universe delivered this opportunity to me so that I could explore my skill and art in hypnotism so that I can help myself and others to manage these unwanted episodes.

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Fast forward to present day, years later, not only did I successfully and permanently eliminate my panic after a single self-hypnosis session, I have since helped my clients release themselves from panic situations that arise due to a variety of reasons, including fear of driving, exams, and social situations.

I consider my relationship with my client as a co-creative partnership. I go into these partnerships with an open mind, listening closely to what my client is going through, and formulating a solution by tapping into my training, my experience, and believe it or not, my art. I always believe that things happen for a reason and it is through the concept of allowing that I learn to embrace all people, things, and occurrences without judgment.

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Disclaimer:- Hypnotism is not meant to replace medical treatment or therapy. The author is not a healthcare provider. The ideas and opinions here are the author’s and do not represent that of any organization that the author was or has been affiliated with.

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