Removal of Irrational Fears

Sometimes referred to as phobias, irrational fears can take various forms. Some of the common ones are fear of snakes, heights, bridges, air travel, bugs, closed spaces, dental treatment etc.

To address your situation, you must first consider whether your fear is truly irrational. For example, someone who has been bitten by a dog and now becomes very worried about getting close to dogs is NOT having an irrational fear. A person who is afraid of getting into water because he is not a good swimmer is NOT having an irrational fear. These are responses that are natural and meant to help you with survival. Granted that they can be annoying and exaggerated at times, they are by no means irrational and should NEVER be removed using hypnotism.

An irrational fear is a fearful response to something that is normally considered quite harmless to most people. Becoming overly anxious to the point of becoming incapacitated while in a relatively safe situation, such as—suffering from a panic attack when seeing a snake safely enclosed in its glass tank at the zoo, frantically screaming and temporarily stunned upon seeing a beetle on a rose bush, refusing to see a dentist for much-needed treatment for no apparent reason—these would be considered irrational fears.

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Disclaimer:- Hypnotism is not meant to replace medical treatment or therapy. The author is not a healthcare provider. The ideas and opinions here are the author’s and do not represent that of any organization that the author was or has been affiliated with.

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