Weight loss

I have never liked the term, “Weight loss” for my clients. My only reason in using this is to allow the public to identify with common vocabulary.

The desire to lose weight suggests that something is wrong and bad. Many conventional methods to lose weight use judgment, shame and deprivation to push people to lose weight. I do not agree with that.

Instead of weight loss, I prefer to think of it as the gain of health and fitness. Focusing on what is wanted instead of what is not wanted is my strategy in dealing with all challenging issues.

Those of you who are familiar with Newton’s Laws of Motion will recall that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Push against weight, and you will get more weight. Push against junk food and you will get even more attached to it. I am not saying that releasing old thought patterns and habits are easy. But work should be focused on what is wanted instead of what is not wanted. Only then can effort become productive and the effects sustainable.

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