“I have finally found peace and rest within myself thanks to Dr. Chan. Her calm and
soothing voice is therapeutic alone, but the techniques she used during my sessions
were like nothing I have ever experienced. I went from feeling anxious nearly all
the time to a place of deep calmness on most days, and my sleep improved as well.
When anxiety creeps up again, the techniques she taught me help to get the feelings
under control. ”

–N.L. from Huntsville, AL

“I met with Dr. Chan because I could not get a handle on overeating foods that affected my health and well being. I crave sugar (which causes migraines) and I fed that craving far too often, often in the evening. Dr. Chan helped me realize the overeating was not a compulsion to eat, but a reaction to the stress I was under. At the end of the first hypnosis session I felt the most relaxed I had felt in months! Her calm, quiet voice led me into a hypnotic state where I felt calm, relaxed and in tune with my surroundings. After the hypnosis session, Dr. Chan reviewed skills to label and identify the stressful situations that lead me to overeat.
In the week since my first appointment I find I am more apt to stop, label what is happening, and reroute my thoughts, rather than feeding the stress with food. An additional bonus is realizing that being a “night owl” is also when I seek out sugar. One week out from my first appointment I find myself making better choices and getting more rest.”

–L.M. from Huntsville, AL

“For the session that Dr. Chan performed her hypnosis technique, she helped me cope with dealing with my social anxiety. While under hypnosis, she had me paint a picture of being at a beach that was to be a calming and relaxing environment where I could find that peace again when I would start to get overwhelmed by large social interactions. Since then, I have been able to be more comfortable with myself around large groups of people, I still get a little anxious, but not nearly as badly as before where I would shut down.”

–A.D., Auburn, AL

“Chui Sien is an effective hypnotist who put me at ease very quickly while instilling trust in the process. Her soft and mellow voice made me feel comfortable, while her gentle demeanour was calm and soothing, thus allowing me to experience a deep sense of tranquility during the session. She was able to evoke images and thoughts for me to enable my subconscious mind to absorb the messages she relayed. After the session, I felt refreshed and peaceful and filled with greater confidence in working with my issues.”

–M.L. from Singapore

“Dr. Chui Chan’s Self-Hypnosis Workshop is a great introduction to hypnosis as an aid to help us relax and deal with the stresses and problems of our fast-paced life styles.   Dr. Chan starts out with an explanation of what hypnosis is and what it is not, debunking popular stereotypes.  She carefully explains the structure of the workshop, which includes hands-on activities.  After an exercise designed to demonstrate the power of the mind, the participants experience the first of two hypnosis sessions, this one led by her.  After sharing that experience, she then explains the next step, self-hypnosis.  In this second experience, she functions as more of a guide to help us with self-hypnosis.  A final aspect of the workshop includes more information on the value of deep breathing and some other ways to evaluate our emotional well-being, and then techniques to deal with it.

I have found these self-hypnosis techniques to be very helpful, and have practiced deep breathing a number of times now.  I feel that her seminar is a solid foundation for a deeper understanding of hypnosis.”

–C.D. from Huntsville, AL

“Before participating in Chui’s self-hypnosis workshop, I had limited personal experience with hypnosis, other than some good conversations and a bit of research and some limited exploration I had done on my own. I went to the workshop with an open-mind because I knew Chui was an insightful, experienced, and totally ethical individual, and I felt confident enough about her as a facilitator to invite a good friend and a family member to accompany me.

Chui created a calm and harmonious atmosphere.  She did not force any kind of interaction between the participants, but somehow managed to make each of us feel welcomed as individuals, while also creating a comfortable group dynamic. Chui took time to pre-assess our knowledge of hypnosis in an interesting and engaging way that allowed for feedback, but also kept our group focused.  She also clearly articulated boundaries and addressed any concerns that arose, as well as preparing us at each step of the process for what to expect.  In addition to walking us through the steps of self-hypnosis, and guiding us through that process twice, Chui framed these experiences with the practical knowledge of what might be involved in the decision to work with a hypnotist in the future.  I found all of this to be extraordinarily helpful.

I went to the session confident that hypnosis was real, but not sure what role it might have in my life.  I left the session feeling that hypnosis, rather than being a part of some alternate lifestyle, is actually totally natural and innately part of a journey of self-awareness, a key tool for creating and shaping the life I want, rather than just a cool option or method of coping with difficulties.  I also left the session confident that even as a beginner I had the capacity to continue my own journey into greater awareness through hypnosis with or without the aid of a hypnotist.  The day after the workshop, I was able to hypnotize myself.  I feel myself letting go of nagging concerns, more centered and clear in my thoughts, and highly motivated to do things that I know are good for me, and much freer from harmful impulses such as unmindful eating.”

–A.E.L. from Huntsville, AL